Nice to meet you.

My mother always got mad at me for having to pick pencils out of the pockets of my trousers before washing them.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing constantly. The only times I’ve ever been truly able to find inner peace is when I doodle, draw or paint.

I studied the classical Art School of Graphic Design in the United Kingdom. Learning to set typography, having to hand draw grids, columns and gutters. But at that time the smartphone had already invaded our lives, pushing the digital design field to a new direction and to new forms. But I have never forgotten the amount of time and thought it took to hand draw layout. No presets. Get it right, or do it again. 

My work stretches into many different areas. From conceptual thinking, creative leadership, digital service design to branding, and typefaces design. High and low, big concepts and small details, new technology and human emotion.

I’m fascinated by how art and design can communicate ideas, convey messages and foremost evoke emotions in us as human beings. I am driven by a restless need to express myself and my world through design and art. I still always carry a pencil with me. Ready to bring ideas to life or to find inner peace.

These days I’m picking out my own pencils before washing my trousers.
Mum — I understand you now, thank you.

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