Discoverys on demand service

BBH Stockholm was commissioned to develop Discovery networks new on demand streaming service on multiple platforms. We have designed and developed Dplay, for in total: seven different platforms. Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV and Chrome Cast.

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International player with local connection

Discovery networks has access not only to the international Discovery channels but also a lot of local channels and TV personalities. To positioning Dplay, we want to use these TV profiles as ambassadors to create a connection to the viewer in every local market that Dplay exists in. Dplay currently exists in 5 European countries.

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Design language

The Dplay experience is designed to evolve around the user. Customized catalogs with recommendation based on the user are combined with editional content where the local market can push their one premiers, sport events, etc.

Dplay is using a colour coding system to communicate what the user can expect of the user interface. White – indicates a “Lean forward” mode, explore videos and serie. While black – says “Lean back”, just sit back enjoy the series you found.

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Each platform has been specifically designed to make it feel native and give the best experience possible for every user.


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Apple TV

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Specification and documentation

The Dplay service has been developed over two years time. With a large app developer team and an even bigger web developer team, with over sixty developers, solid documentations and specifications are essentially.


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Style guides

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Module specifications

Every module for the web service has been designed for four different breakpoints.

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