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A pedagogic roleplaying game where playing becomes learning about history, religion morality and ethics.

Reformator is a personal project. I have a deep passion for history and wanted to find a way to use my knowledge in a useful und creative way. 

I often make references to history when I talk (and honestly speaking, people tend to think I do that a little to often). But is there a way I can talk about what interests me without completely boring the listener?

It became a game where playing overlaps learning and where I could relentlessly dig deeper into the subject that I love so much.

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Bok 2@2x
Bok 3@2x

Another reason for doing this project has been to draw again. I’ve had a great time researching old paintings, books and statues to give all the historical characters and maps such a realistic look as possible.

All the illustrations inside the book are done by myself. The amazing cover illustration was painted by Mats Minnhagen.

Porträtt 1
Porträtt 2
En Kung rider
Små illustrationer
Klasser Vänster@2x
Klasser Höger@2x
Helgon vänster
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