Ving Inspiration app for Apple TV takes the holiday to you. Lean back in your sofa and explore selected destinations by swiping among beautiful images and inspirational texts. Everything is carefully hand picked from Ving and nicely wrapped into a Apple TV app.

The goal was to promote Ving as an early adopter of new technology. The solution was a travel inspiration app created in just a few weeks and launched as one of the first of its kind on a completely new platform – the Apple TV. The result was reaching numerous of potential customers dreaming to fly off to a Ving-destination for just a few minutes from their livingroom.


The Apple TV’s design language, works very much around layer upon layer, to give a sense of depth to tell the user what's in focus and what's not. Parallax effects are also used a lot.

To create that native “Apple TV feeling” to the app and give the user a dreamy feeling that everything is floating through the air, multiple layers of clouds has been cut out and placed upon each other. By moving them at different speed, it creates a parallax effect. Clouds are even placed upon the list items themselves so that they appears embedded in the clouds.

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